Shipping Requirements for China, Hong Kong, Russia, and Venezuela

Electronic Export Information

An additional step may be required for shipments (excluding documents) to China, Hong Kong, Russia[1], or Venezuela, regardless of whether you use eShip@Penn or ship directly through one of the major carriers, and regardless of the value of the shipment. Depending on what is being shipped, Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing in the Automated Export System may be required to obtain an ITN (Internal Transaction Number) prior to shipment.[2] To avoid significant delays, please gather the following information for each item in your package before attempting any shipment to these destinations:

  • Whether the item is of domestic or foreign origin
  • Schedule B/Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Number: 10-digit commodity classification code
    • Schedule B/HTS look-up tool:
    • For commercial items, the vendor/manufacturer will be able to provide this code (either published online or on request)
  • Product description: Sufficiently detailed description of each item being shipped
    • Good descriptions: Xilinx FPGA kit, rabbit polyclonal IL-6 antibody, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human brain tissue, T- shirts
    • Poor descriptions: electronic components, research sample, protein, exempt specimen, gift box
  • ECCN: Export Control Classification Number
    • For commercial items, please contact the vendor/manufacturer to obtain the ECCN. Many companies publish this information online.
    • If you do not know the ECCN, please contact for assistance

*Note that each item in the shipment must be listed separately on both the EEI form and in eShip@Penn*

Below is an example of the level of detail required to file EEI and obtain an ITN for your shipment:

D/FSchedule B/HTS Number and Product DescriptionECCN/EAR99Quantity (per Schedule B/HTS)Weight (kg)License Exception SymbolValue (USD)License Value (USD) (if applicable)
Apple iPad Pro

Apple Beats wireless in-ear headphones
Leather iPad Smart Case

D/F: D for domestic-origin items; F for foreign-origin items
Schedule B/HTS Number and Product Description: 10-digit code; sufficiently detailed description; group items according to Schedule B/HTS.
ECCN/EAR99: Export Control Classification Number; EAR99 if item does not have a designated ECCN
Quantity (per Schedule B/HTS): Number of items with the same Schedule B/HTS code
License Exception Symbol: If no license is required to ship the item to the destination, enter “NLR.” If you are unsure whether an item qualifies for a license exception, or if you think it may require an export license, please contact for assistance
Value (USD): All international shipments MUST have a dollar value, even if it’s only $1.00.
License Value: leave blank unless the item is being shipped under an export license.

[1] Note that FedEx and UPS have suspended shipments to and from Russia until further notice.

[2] Note that, with the exception of Canada, all international shipments over $2,500 require an ITN. The new Department of Commerce regulations eliminates the dollar threshold for shipments of items with an ECCN to China, Russia, and Venezuela.