Research Security

Research Security

The University of Pennsylvania places high value on engagement with international partners. The open exchange of ideas among students and faculty colleagues around the world drives the advancement of knowledge and understanding. Penn provides an environment of open dialogue in the context of academic freedom and free speech to support all manner of international engagements.

However, the U.S. Government has become increasingly concerned about a perceived inappropriate influence by foreign governments and foreign entities (which includes foreign universities, research organizations, and certain companies) on U.S. academic institutions and researchers.  In response to such concerns, the U.S. government has enacted a number of new laws, regulations, and funding terms and conditions, including but not limited to the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 (the “CHIPS Act”) and National Security Presidential Memorandum-33 (“NSPM-33”), that require new research security programs at universities like Penn, including new mandatory research security training, new researcher disclosures, and prohibitions on certain activities with certain non-U.S. entities.

As part of this government effort, research organizations and universities that receive at least $50 million per year in federal science and engineering support (including Penn) must establish and maintain a Research Security Program.  Certain researchers at Penn must take additional research security trainings, make additional disclosures when working with federal funds, and refrain from entering into certain relationships with foreign governments, foreign universities, and other foreign entities.

This website provides the Penn community with a centralized, one-stop resource for summary information related to research security issues and Penn’s Research Security Program, and links to further resources to drill down on particular topics.

While Penn’s Research Security Program is a collaborative effort among several Penn offices, the Director of Research Security and Export Compliance in the Office of Research Services serves as the overall coordinator of Penn’s research security program (and this website), and as a point of contact for questions an individual researcher or administrator might have.

Please contact with any questions.