Reminder about the Pilot Program for Enhancement of Protection Against Reprisals (41 U.S.C. 4712)

The University of Pennsylvania is committed to operating in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and Penn policies in the conduct of grants, contracts, and other sponsored research.  Penn relies on individual faculty, staff and students to report to appropriate University offices, in cases where it appears that a member of the university community may not be complying with an applicable law, regulation or Penn policy.  This is a reminder that a report of possible noncompliance may be made through Penn’s Compliance Hotline by calling 215-P-COMPLY, or through the website.

Penn also has many policies prohibiting retaliation against any member of the Penn community who in good faith reports a potential compliance issue.  As one example, the University’s Human Resources policy against retaliation can be viewed here:  You can view other policies against retaliation at the Office of Audit, Compliance and Privacy website at:

In addition to Penn’s existing policies, the U.S. government has enacted a pilot program providing protection from retaliation for certain whistleblowing activities related to federal grants and contracts.  A written summary of the program terms may be viewed here.